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Book - The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web

Book - The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web

Here are my main takeaways of this great but basic introduction into social media marketing by Tamara Weinberg.

I saw this book on the desk of my colleague and we talked about it. He said that is was a bit older but a good start to get into the topic. I actually had no clue about social media marketing so I thought I could take this as an opportunity to get familliar with it and since I had still a broken wrist I took it with me on to the couch.

As you can see on the header image of this acticle, I read the german kindle version of this book, Social Media Marketing: Strategien für Twitter Facebook & Co, which concentrates on the german markets. The main takeaways are still the same tough.

You can find Tamara Weinberg on Twitter @tamar.

The Takeaways

Markets are Conversations: Be social!

If you want to succeed with social media marketing, you have to remember that markets are conversations. You have to interact with the market. The best way to do so is to communicate with your audience. So don't just do advertising, go out there and be part of the community.

This is realy the main takeaway! So if you can remember that, you can skip half of the book and focus on the differences of the introduced networks.

You need a Social Media Strategy

It is not enough to have a page on some networks and to publish ads, do some price games or a quiz. You will need a long term strategy and you will have to work on it. What I mean by that is that you can't just say I want more sales. You need to know how to do this through social media.

For that you already need to be part of the community your aduience is represented in. If you know the needs of your potential costumers and if you can serve this needs, than you know what you need to promote.

So build a strategy that not only brings you in more sales but also knowledge.

Monitoring: Individual Metriks

Likes, shares, pageviews and sales are not everything. Each strategy will have its own key metrics so you need to find them and monitor them. How often do people on the internet or on a given platform talk about you? Was it more or less then during your last campaign? Has your audience dilute or has it become more specialized? You can't answer this questions if you are looking on the wrong metrics, so choose your monitoring tools wisely.

Your Website is still your Home

You should still have a hompeage. Sure you can focus purely on social media but thats not the advice from this book - and it has its reasons. You should create content for your homepage, promote an excerpt of it on the social media networks your are engaged with and adapt it for the individual audiences within the specific network.


All knowledge and strategy can't help you if you aren't authentic. Why? Because everything except yourself can be copied by others. So if you want to succeed with social media marketing, then you will have to be part of your own strategy.


I would say that I got what I asked for: A general introduction into social media marketing. I know the keywords and the most important tools. I have good and bad examples of engagement and am ready to build my own social media strategy.

Get the Book

I hope that you liked this short list of takeaways and introduction to the book. If so, I really encourage you to read the whole book. On Amazon you can take a look inside the book and or hear into the audio version. Consider to follow my referral link to buy your copy of The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web aka Social Media Marketing: Strategien für Twitter Facebook & Co.