Thomas Venturini
Raspberry Pi - Raspbian + Kodi + JDownloader

Raspberry Pi - Raspbian + Kodi + JDownloader

As many before I struggled a bit to install jdownloader and kodi on my raspberry pi running raspbian. So here is what I did and how I made it work.


This tutorial is for raspberry pi 3 b+ models. I haven't tested anything of the following on another raspberry pi model.

First off you will need to buy the codecs from the raspbian pi shop.

Also you will need raspbian up and running on your raspberry pi.

Setup the Codecs

In order to play most relevant video formats within kodi you should install the codecs that you got from the raspbian pi shop. To do so, open up your /boot/config.txt on your raspberry pi.

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Then add your codecs to the end of the file like so, where 0x123456789 is your codec.


Reboot your raspberry pi so the changes take effect.

Change Memory Split

If you have tried to play some video files by now you will most probably noticed that the videos are still not working. This is why you need to change the memory split of your raspberry. This can be done easily via the raspi-config tool. On your raspberry open up a terminal and enter the following line.

sudo raspi-config

This will open up the following menu. Select Advanced Options.

Advanced Options

Now select Memory Split.

Memory Split

In the following form you should enter the value of 256 what is the maximum.


Next time you do want to watch a video it will work 😁

Install Kodi

Installing kodi is the easiest part of this tutorial. Just open up a console and enter the following command.

sudo apt-get install kodi

Now go ahead and download a kodi icon and copy it to /usr/share/pixmaps/kodi.png.

Next, copy the following code and save it to /usr/share/applications/kodi.desktop.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Our awesome media station!

This will make kodi appear in the application menu.

Install JDownloader

To download the JDownload installer run the following command in a terminal.


To run the installer you run the following command.

java -jar JDownloader.jar

Follow the setup and you will be fine.


And thats it! You have a full media station that should work 99% of the time without any problems and if if fails you still have the option of streaming via chrome webbrowser.

I would suggest to invest in a external hard drive to store your media files.

Leave a comment if you encounter any problems with this tutorial, I will be happy to help out if I can.

Have a good time with your media station!