Today I wrote down some notes on how to manage packages with on Fedora. Fedora uses dnf as package manager. Let's take a look at how to manage packages with it.


Recently I'm doing a lot of networking again. In order to do so I needed to have the right tools available. One that I'm using surprisingly often is dig. That's why we are going to take a quick look at it. Let's go! 🤓


Recently I have been playing around with algorithmic trading tools such as Freqtrade, so I thought I should share my learnings. Let's get into it! 🤩


I spend a lot of time on twitter recently. And it is really awesome to see so much people sharing tips and tutorials over there. Recently I learned how to use the CSS grayscale filter over there 🤓


The other day I found a nice thread 🧵 explaining different console methods, that can be used instead of console.log(). Let us take a closer look! 🤓