x-rate-limit-ip Header explained


The other day I ran into a very restrictive API that basically blocked me instantly. So I had to figure out why this happened and how I can prevent this.

Fix Crashing MySQL Server


This weekend I had to figure out why my mysql server first ate up my server resources and then crashes. A simple fix for most of the issues someone could have with mysql running out of resources, is a short setting in the right place. Read on to find out more!

Set Server Timezone on Ubuntu


Yesterday I noticed that the server time on my new server at digital ocean was still set to the wrong timezone. Here is how to fix it with a simple command.

404 Page ... found!


Welcome traveler of the world wide web and welcome to my new website! If you have been here before, then you might have noticed that I changed a lot and reduced the design to a minimum. Let me give you a quick tour on what was changed and why 😁