In this short post I'm going to show you how you can manually change the path in the nautilus file explorer.


In this post we are going to check out how you can enable emmet for a given language in your vscode.


In this post I'm gonna collect some useful resources in order to learn and play with regular expressions.


Recently we did a hacking week in our office. In the backend we decided to explore the Elixir programming language and the Phoenix Framework. In this post I want to install Elixir and setup Phoenix in order to explore them in the next couple of articles. Let's go! 🚀


Recently I found out that my FiraCode article is one of my most popular articles. But the truth is, that I don't use FiraCode anymore because I exchanged it against FiraCodeiScript and did some tweaks on the highlighting. So I thought I should share my current setup with you!