A User VS. An User


Back in the day when I was still going to school, I would never-ever have thought that there will be a typo that is actually bothering me out there. But it turns out there is. I'm usually not the guy who points out these things but there is one particular error that keeps occuring in documentations that I read. So here I'm going to clarify it once and for all - just for my peace of mind 🤯

The typo in question is an user. And I keep reading it all over the internet. It's correct that you might have learned that, if a word starts with aeiou then you should use an as article. But that is just half true - altough it works almost always, there are exceptions, like a user.

How does this come?

Because in English, they use articles also based on vowel sounds and not just the first letter of a given word, you also have to consider this when thinking about it.

Since user begins with the sound of yoo you should write a user.

Another nice example to keep this in memory is a unicorn.

Now go out there and have fun correcting others - muahaha! 😈