Create Website Wireframes using


Today I was looking for a tool that I can use to create wireframes to quickly communicate some structural design options to the team. I was surprised to learn that a tool I have been using for years (now and then) can already do so: (opens new window)

# Create a new Diagram

Go to (opens new window) and select the storage you want to use.


I usually use my Google Drive space for diagrams created with

Next you will need to choose if you want to create a new diagram or open an existing one.

create new diagram

For the purpose of this tutorial we want to create a new and blank diagram.

blank diagram

As you can see, the diagram will be stored as .drawio file on the chosen storage. will ask you in which directory you want your diagram to be stored. I usually use a dedicated diagrams or directory that has some more structure below.

choose directory

choose directory

# Add Mockup Shapes (Wireframes)

Once the diagram is open, we need to add the Mockup Shapes provided by You can do so through the + More Shapes... menu in the left-bottom-corner.

more shapes

Search for Mockups and select it.

more shapes

Once you apply your selection, you should see the Mockup Categories.

list of shapes

The most important category that will get you started, is Mockup Containers. These let you create browser windows.

browser window

The Mockup Containers are scalable images that you can use to outline your wireframes.

I will let you play around with the rest of the categories on your own 😉

Have fun! 😁

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