Package Management with dnf on Fedora


Today I wrote down some notes on how to manage packages with on Fedora. Fedora uses dnf as package manager. Let's take a look at how to manage packages with it.

# Description (from man pages)

DNF is the next upcoming major version of YUM, a package manager for RPM-based Linux distributions. It roughly maintains CLI compatibility with YUM and defines a strict API for extensions and plugins.

# Usage

# Check for Updates

dnf check-update # global
dnf check-update <package> # package specific

# Clean system from left overs

dnf cleen all

# Search for Packages

dnf search <package>

# Install new Package

dnf install <package>

# Remove a Package

dnf remove <package>

# List installed Packages

dnf list --installed
dnf list --obsoletes
dnf list --upgrades
dnf list --autoremove

# Autoremove Packages

dnf autoremove

# Sources

[f40] DNF (opens new window)

Using the DNF software package manager (opens new window)