How much do you really know about composer or the composer commands that you use? Here is a list of the most common composer commands I use.


A very short intro on how to create PHPUnit tests for your Laravel packages.


When initializing a composer package with composer init you are asked for a vendor/package-name. I used to type this out all the time, but today I learned how to set a default value for the vendor name.


I know it is not recommended but I use it often enough, so here you have it too: A one-liner to install composer in ubuntu.


So today we are going to make sure your php project has everything it needs to run when installing it on a new environment. Let's go! 🚀


Recently I learned about ReactPHP for the first time and it looks amazing 🤩 Here is what I know so far about the ReactPHP EventLoop.


This time we are going to make sure our laravel application does not require packages that have known security vulnerabilities.


This one is a cool one. We are going to bring some code formatting for PHP into VSCode.