Sometimes the Laravel IDE Helper package can't help you with getting the auto-completion for your facades to work in PhpStorm. So here I have a nice and easy way to handle this when the ide-helper package let's you down.


How much do you really know about composer or the composer commands that you use? Here is a list of the most common composer commands I use.


Since php7 we can use grouped use statements to make multiple classes of a namespace available through a single use statement. Let's take a look at this approach and how we can benefit from it.


I often find it hard to read some other developers PHP classes. Mostly because they are not well structured and I have to jump around a lot. So here is how I try to arrange my code. I hope it gives you a good idea on how to increase the readability of your php classes.


Avoid long if-elseif-elseif-else and switch blocks in your code and rather make use of array mappings!


Two simple ways to find values in arrays. Simple and useful 😉


A quick intro to regular expressions in PHP.


A very short intro on how to create PHPUnit tests for your Laravel packages.


Create demo content to fill your database or to use in unit tests. A short intro to Laravel factories.


Today we are going to look at this weird thing called double negations in PHP and what they are used for. And just to be clear, I'm talking about using !! in PHP 😉


When initializing a composer package with composer init you are asked for a vendor/package-name. I used to type this out all the time, but today I learned how to set a default value for the vendor name.


Learn how to add dynamic relationships on Laravel models.


What the Macroable trait enables you to and how you can use it.


So today we are going to make sure your php project has everything it needs to run when installing it on a new environment. Let's go! 🚀


Recently I learned about ReactPHP for the first time and it looks amazing 🤩 Here is what I know so far about the ReactPHP EventLoop.


Ever needed to share logic between two php classes without extending another class? Introducing php traits! 🤩


This time we are going to make sure our laravel application does not require packages that have known security vulnerabilities.


Here are the Newsletters you can't afford to miss as a Laravel developer.


This one is a cool one. We are going to bring some code formatting for PHP into VSCode.