I see a lot of packages that could make use of Laravel facades to make their services more accessible. But I completely agree with everyone who would say that the Laravel facades documentation is kinda hard to read. So here is a quicker version to get you started.


Sometimes you need a slug version of a given string but don't want to include some external package. So here is the easiest way I could find to create slug representations of strings.


Today I was facing another mysql issue when working on my new side project. The issue was that I was writing more jobs into the jobs table than the database queue driver could work off. Here is how I solved this issue and how I would recommend everyone to setup their queue on small servers.


Sometimes the Laravel IDE Helper package can't help you with getting the auto-completion for your facades to work in PhpStorm. So here I have a nice and easy way to handle this when the ide-helper package let's you down.


Some time ago I stopped to maintain the $fillable attribute on my Laravel models, but rather started filling the $guarded attribute. And the reasons are pretty obvious if you think about it.


I often find it hard to read some other developers PHP classes. Mostly because they are not well structured and I have to jump around a lot. So here is how I try to arrange my code. I hope it gives you a good idea on how to increase the readability of your php classes.


Avoid long if-elseif-elseif-else and switch blocks in your code and rather make use of array mappings!


Two simple ways to find values in arrays. Simple and useful 😉


A very short intro on how to create PHPUnit tests for your Laravel packages.


Create demo content to fill your database or to use in unit tests. A short intro to Laravel factories.


Learn how to add dynamic relationships on Laravel models.


What the Macroable trait enables you to and how you can use it.


So today we are going to make sure your php project has everything it needs to run when installing it on a new environment. Let's go! 🚀


This time we are going to make sure our laravel application does not require packages that have known security vulnerabilities.


Here are the Newsletters you can't afford to miss as a Laravel developer.