Yesterday I noticed that the server time on my new server at digital ocean was still set to the wrong timezone. Here is how to fix it with a simple command.


The other day I had to prepare a very large data source before importing it into the database. So here is a nice tool to help you with this kind of task that your IDE might refuse to do for you.


Today I was facing another mysql issue when working on my new side project. The issue was that I was writing more jobs into the jobs table than the database queue driver could work off. Here is how I solved this issue and how I would recommend everyone to setup their queue on small servers.


I always see people using their editors to look into logs. So here is how not to embarrass yourself when working with log files 😉


Yesterday I had to figure out why the f*** the microphone of my headset was not available in the audio settings of my PCs Ubuntu system and how to fix it.